Gear Review: The Ultimate Bass Cloth

I'm surprised it's taken me so long to write a gear review, but here we are. I'll start the series with this:

Yes, it's a cloth. But it's not just any cloth; it's The Ultimate Bass Cloth from Rosin Saver. This was recently gifted to me (not sponsored!), so it seemed like a good option to use to start my gear review series.

Rainbow-vomiting unicorns. Nice.

Admittedly, there's not much to be written about a cloth that isn't immediately evident. Rosin Saver, however, packed some thoughtful, bass-friendly features into this one.

Most players are content with using any old rag on their bass. Some (me) use that same rag for all parts- the fingerboard, the strings, the body - assuming they even bother to wipe down their instrument at all (me). This cloth, with its trifold design, makes it easy to use different parts of the cloth for different parts of the instrument. The bottom can (and should) be used on your strings, while the top can be used on the body of your bass. Note the scrubbing pad on the underside of the cloth:

The bottom

I know several bassists that use heavy-duty copper scouring pads to clean rosin off their strings. Personally, that practice makes me cringe because a) the sound is like that of nails on a chalkboard but on steroids, and b) the scouring pads are always really heavy-duty. The pad built into the cloth is stainless steel but is much softer than the aforementioned copper ones. I'm not sure if this has an impact on string-longevity, but it sure seems like it would.

Rosin Saver advises that the pad be used only on steel strings. I'm sure using it on gut strings would result in frays and a mess of gut shavings (not an innuendo). Also, and this goes without saying, don't use the scrubbing pad on the instrument itself.

I appreciate the quality of the material used to make this cloth; it feels like a robust fabric that will last a long time and will be easily cleanable. Most of the towels I have used in the past get ratty and torn up after a few weeks, but I don't anticipate that happening with this one. It also certainly looks nicer than the 98¢ microfibers I am used to using, too. And because I am all about appearances, if an item looks professional, which this towel does, I will be more inclined to use it.

No old socks here.

It passes the "will it look good under my tailpiece?" test.

All in all, I'm satisfied with The Ultimate Bass Cloth. I could give it a rating, but those always seem arbitrary and unproductive. Instead, I will say that I can comfortably recommend this product. It's of good quality and the tri-fold design provides enough cleaning areas that you don't need to worry about carrying separate cloths for your strings, fingerboard, and body. It also looks cool and cleans well. What more could you ask for?


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